Friday, March 14, 2014

How this (Blog) all began...

As I sit working at the radio station each day, I hear more and more "news" items that just get under my skin! (so to speak.) I don't think it's because I'm approaching 50 years old, I think it's because so many demonstrate the COMPLETE LACK OF COMMON SENSE (sorry for the screaming, there) of many people in our society, and in some cases by judges, elected officials, and those who make decisions at "high levels" above the common consumer.  Read on, you'll see what I mean!
I'll apologize in advance for the capital letters used, I write how I would be speaking...and the "text screaming" is not aimed at you, the reader. Interpret it as anger at the situation.  These are all things which, probably you and I can do nothing about, except grin, shake our heads, and...write blogs.

The 18 year old New Jersey resident who sued her parents for tuition and now BACK at home, no "financial conditions" says the parents. The girl loses round one in court and then has the  *_______** to actually go home to the parents? Worse, the PARENTS allowed her home?  I'm sorry. You're 18, there's no "contract" requiring parents to do anything except raise you to be a productive, honest, WORKING member of society. Nobody guarantees anybody ANYTHING.  It's called LIFE.  LEARN HOW TO WORK A JOB, ANY JOB... AND DO IT, YOUNG LADY! Don't like it?  Mommy and Daddy won't pay tuition? Go work somewhere! NO sympathy here, hopefully none in the courts. How in the HELL did it ever get there, anyway?  Insert buzzer here. YOU LOSE, YOUNG LADY.  And...closed circuit to the parents, put her bags on the street, and give her rent for one month, call it DONE, let her make her own way. THAT suggestion, by the way is being generous, if you ask me.

The "minimum wage" debate.  CBS radio reports (as do others) that President Obama is going to tell the Labor Department that salaried people need to be paid "more O.T." (supervisors, managers, and the like)...and one response from a NYC hotel worker, "It is a good idea for people who work so hard"... GRANTED WE ALL would like more pay, but it can't magically be MANDATED. It has to come from somewhere, and, at last check, better pay was the result of better-run businesses that are growing and share the wealth with their workers, partners, and employees.  This is an "extension" of the big uproar of late where fast food workers want $10 an hour. I'm sorry, IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY. Again, the money has to come from somewhere!  Wouldn't we be a more productive country as a whole if the workforce saw a resurgence in work ETHIC give extra when needed? I was taught that you'll get noticed as a better employee by doing this, and rewards come in time! Take away the work ethic, and you get employees who "demand" an INSTANT $10/hr, and feel NO responsibility for how it gets to them, or why!  When the demand for a minimum wage grows too quickly, and the money's not there at the level of the employer, cuts are made, and prices are increased, NEITHER of which is good.  Come on, people....GET A CLUE!